Graphic Design,
Web Development,
Audio & Video Production.

Say What?

MIRAJA DESIGN specializes in graphic design, web development. photography, and audio/video production services.

With a focus on clean and creative custom work that caters to a diverse range of clients, including artists, musicians, creators and corporate accounts, we deliver tailored solutions to fit needs and budget.

Expertise extends to all-things media, including advanced marketing, e-commerce stores, membership sites, and learning/course platforms.

Hello! My name is Raja. I am many things. I am a father, I am a maker. I am someone who holds art, music, and creativity at the core of everything I do. I am also the lead webmaster, designer, and guy with a camera at MIRAJA DESIGN.

My journey began as a youngling who loved tech and anything with buttons! (I still do.) This early fascination led me to a role as a Lighting Designer for a local theater company. From there, my path took me to the realms of professional lighting, stage design, and audio engineering for theatrical performances, concerts, and various events.

In the entertainment industry, I also had the privilege of working on many professional events and festivals. Each event was a profound learning opportunity. Through these experiences, I deepened my expertise in marketing, graphic design, photography, videography, and web development.

Today, I am fortunate to have turned my skills and my love for tech, creativity, and finding solutions into a thriving and successful career.


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